BLOX® SYSTEM - Beetonn



Prepare the construction surface by cleaning and wetting it. Afterwards, carefully level the first course of BEETONN BLOX lengthwise and widthwise and along the building mud. Prior to the installation of BEETONN BLOX onto the mud we advise to apply an adhesive under the first course of BEETONN BLOX. For subsequent courses use the BEETONN adhesive only.

If the floor is flat, it is possible to install the first layer with the adhesive only. Mortar is applied to BEETONN BLOX horizontally. Use a specially designed spatula BEETONN BLOX, which corresponds to the desired wall thickness, for an enhanced control over the distribution of adhesive during the installation. If you choose to use an adhesive other than the BEETONN BLOX adhesive, this choice will be your sole responsibility. Angular and lateral wall joints must be built crosswise to ensure maximum durability and correct installation.

If a lintel is needed, use a BEETONN BLOX lintel. The lintel must be positioned in such a way that it rests at least 15 cm on each side. Use cement rings when required (high walls, wide walls, walls larger than 9 m2 and in other instances when needed). In places where walls join pillars, beams and roof you should exclusively use a 1-2 cm (and not thicker than that) layer of expandable polyurethane foam.

Special care must be given to its positioning, so that the foam is distributed evenly, without voids, along the whole thickness of BEETONN BLOX.